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parent involvementOur Executive Board Members

Cherie Lang – President

Elaine Murphy – Treasurer

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Our Upcoming Events

Oct. 28, @6:30pm-8:00pm: Parent Meeting

Parent Association Monthly Meetings:
Oct 28th
Nov 18th
Dec 23rd (TBD)
Jan 27th
Mar 3 (Feb. mtg)
Mar 31
April 28th – nominations
May 26th – Elections
June 23rd (or 9th, TBD)

PA Meeting Minutes: (sorted by date)

Please click on the links below to read the minutes:

December 2020, General Meeting Minutes (12/02/2020)

January 2021, General Meeting Minutes (01/06/2021)

February 2021, General Meeting Minutes (02/03/2021)

March 2021, General Meeting Minutes (03/03/2021) 

April 2021, General Meeting Minutes (04/07/2021) (Unavailable)

May 2021, General Meeting Minutes (05/05/2021) (Coming Soon)

June 2021, General Meeting Minutes (06/02/2021) (Coming Soon)

Why Parent Involvement Matters?

Useful Resources for Parents:

Parent Leader Updates During Remote Learning

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​If you have any questions or need assistance with PA/PTA, SLT, Parent Advisory Council (PAC) please contact
Family Leadership Coordinator Celsa Pacheco at

Parent Associations (PAs) & Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs)

The health and safety of all students, staff, and families is the DOE’s first priority in the wake of the evolving situation around the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in New York City.  Moreover, the DOE seeks to ensure that PA/PTA elections are conducted in a free, fair, and inclusive manner, and provide an opportunity for the full participation of all members.   
Given the closure of DOE school buildings, the DOE recognizes the difficulties faced by PA/PTAs and Presidents’ Councils in accessing their documents.  Based on current federal, state, and local orders and recommendations related to public gatherings, social distancing, and staying home except for essential business, as well as the current closure of DOE school buildings, the following provisions of Chancellor’s Regulation A-660 have been waived and allow for the following: 

  • Extends deadline for holding PA/PTA elections to October 31, 2020, and extends current officers’ terms until elections are held;
  • Extends deadline for submission of Annual Financial Report to October 31, 2020;
  • Eliminates in-person meeting requirement for PA/PTA and Presidents’ Council meetings.

PA/PTA and Presidents’ Council Officer Elections 
The waiver extends the deadline for holding PA/PTA and Presidents’ Council elections to October 31, 2020, relieving parent leaders of the pressure to organize and hold elections this spring.  The terms for PA/PTA and Presidents’ Council officers will continue until elections are held, and PA/PTAs should follow their current procedure for filling vacancies that arise prior to the election.
The waiver does not prohibit PA/PTAs from holding elections prior to October 31st, and we are working with legal to develop guidance around virtual elections (detailed guidance and training will follow).

Virtual Meetings 
In order to best support PA/PTAs and Presidents’ Councils as they transition to virtual meetings as outlined by the waiver, FACE recommends the following best practices:


  • Meeting notification must be shared with PA/PTA members at least 10 days prior to the scheduled meeting.  PA/PTA members should work with the Parent Coordinator or Principal to email notice to all parents, and post meeting notice on the school’s website.

Running the Meeting 

  • Parents should work with the Parent Coordinator or Principal to use Microsoft Teams, Google or Zoom to host the meeting.  The PA/PTA will need to identify a technology facilitator for the meeting who will manage the technical features of the virtual meeting platform (e.g., mute/unmute, admission to the meeting, presentation, etc.).  The technology facilitator should not have an additional role in the meeting.
  • The meeting chair, or designee, should make introductions and announce meeting norms at the beginning of the meeting and periodically throughout. (For example, speaking order and “one mic” rule).  The meeting should follow the agenda, and all members should have an opportunity to speak and be heard during the meeting.
  • The meeting should be recorded on the videoconferencing application to assist the recording secretary in taking the minutes.


  • In order to make any decisions, the PA/PTA will need to meet the quorum.  Quorum remains 8 members.  Of the 8 members, 2 must be Executive Board members and 6 must be parents.
  • Every member has the right to vote on all matters presented at general membership meetings.
  • The five following principles should be followed to ensure independence, transparency, integrity, competence, and fairness.
  1. Independence – Associations are autonomous and self-governing
  2. Transparency – Associations are required to use multiple means of communication to ensure that the general membership is provided with the opportunity to participate in the decisions made by the association.
  3. Integrity – All possible means should be considered to allow members to actively participate in discussions and debates on matters before the membership for consideration.
  4. Competence – Employ best practices for remote/conference call decision-making and voting.
  5. Fairness – Good communication can mitigate potential issues of unfairness.

PA/PTA and Presidents’ Financial Activity

PA/PTA and Presidents’ Council Checking Accounts
All PA/PTA and Presidents’ Council funds must be deposited into the organization’s checking account. A checkbook that provides a stub or carbon copy of each check must be used. PA/PTAs or Presidents’ Councils that wish to use an alternate form of checks (e.g., checks printed from financial software) must obtain permission from FACE.  FACE will work with CPAC to issue guidance on acceptable alternatives (guidance to follow).

Other Bank Accounts 
Any accounts other than the mandatory checking account must be authorized by a vote of the membership and must be in the name of the PA/PTA. However, the primary checking account must be used for all transactions, including deposits and withdrawals.  For example, if a PA/PTA or Presidents’ Council has a savings account, funds must be transferred from the checking account to the savings account.  Funds can only be withdrawn by transferring the funds from the savings account to the checking account.

Emergency PA/PTA and Presidents’ Council Executive Board Expenditures 
PA/PTA and Presidents’ Council bylaws must contain a process for executive boards to authorize emergency expenditures. The bylaws must outline the circumstances that warrant an emergency expenditure, a maximum dollar amount that may be allocated, and a timeline for reporting emergency expenditures to the membership. At the next general membership meeting following the emergency expenditure, members must have the opportunity to vote on whether the emergency expenditure was an appropriate use of the funds.  FACE will be issuing further guidance and a template to assist PAs/PTAs regarding this section of their bylaws.

Important Chancellor’s Regulations:

Forms, documents and other web pages referenced in chancellor’s regulations: CLICK HERE

Please click on the link to view the Volunteering & Community Service PowerPoint to learn about the various ways out OHS students can get involved in their local community.

Please click on the link to view the Internet Safety PowerPoint from our recent parent workshop.

Additional Information about Parent Leadership Roles